The special release is shot in a certain so the viewer whizzes through the stage door entrance, before experiencing a whistle-stop backstage tour and ending on the stage as confetti rains down to celebrate the occasion. 

The idea behind the short clip, which looks to have been filmed on a drone, is to show the team preparing the venue for a performance which audiences can finally come along to enjoy. 

School of Rock, 9 to 5 the Musical and Waitress are just some of the musicals to be taking to the stage in the future, along with other concerts, comedy performances and dance shows.

The theatre has stood on George Street in the city since 1934 and earned its name as the ‘new’ theatre after two venues on the same road had been and gone since 1886. 

Stanley Dorrill, the former managing director, came up with the rebuilding of the theatre as it is seen today, commissioning a new building from theatre architects William and T.R. Milburn of Sunderland.

The Milburns developed the decadent art-deco interior with T.P Bennett and Sons, who also designed the Saville Theatre in London.

For more information about up-coming shows visit Groups can call 0207 206 1174 to dicuss ticket prices and more arrangements about their visit.