The Royal Air Force Museum in London has unveiled its latest experience - a virtual reality attraction transporting visitors to a pivotal moment in history.

RAF Museum London

Source: Creative XR

The new Dambusters virtual reality experience at RAF Museum London.

The museum invites visitors to take a seat onboard a Lancaster plane during the legendary Dambusters raid of 1943, using virtual reality technology.

The Dams Raid was considered the greatest feat of arms performed by the RAF and is one of the key stories told of World War Two. The success of the raid captured the interest of the public at the time and has since inspired a multitude of books, films and documentaries.

The experience, at the museum located on the former Hendon Aerodrome, is now open and runs daily from 10.30am to 5.15pm. 

Dambusters: Immersive Histories - a new experience

Dambusters: Immersive Histories is the latest part of the Dambusters offering that includes a replica of the ‘bouncing bomb’, Barnes Wallis’ office and the original moulds of the first test bombs.

The virtual reality experience puts the visitor inside a moment in history. For the first time, you can step inside the story of the iconic operation through an interactive recreation of the Dambusters’ first mission which took place on 16th May 1943 attacking the Möhne Dam.

The VR attraction will feature 360° first person views and vests to reinforce the experience of being aboard a No. 617 Squadron Lancaster bomber during Operation CHASTISE.

Participants will suit up in a vest and step inside an accurate physical set of a Lancaster. They will then be completely immersed and able to reach out to feel the window, fuselage and desk of the Lancaster bomber. As the aircraft continues its mission, users will also feel the roar of the Lancaster’s Merlin engines, through their vests.

Comments about the experience

Barry Smith, director of visitor and commercial development, commented: “At the RAF Museum we are very interested in new ways of interpreting and sharing the stories of the Royal Air Force. The opportunity to actually invite our visitors to be part of the Dambusters story is one that we are very excited about.”

Olie Kay, associate creative director at All Seeing Eye Ltd (creators of the experience), said: “This experience isn’t about explaining all the facts of the mission. It’s about exploring the human story of the real people who were on the aircraft and communicating an authentic sense of place of what it may have been like to be there.”

Group visits to the RAF Museum: 

General visits to the museum are free, however there is a charge for coach parking.

Pre-booking is reccommended for groups of ten or more and can include guided tours and group packages for extra costs.