Hadrian's Wall

A new exhibition at Hadrian’s Wall, in Carlisle, will be opening this April, which looks at the role of horses in the Roman military.

The exhibition, Hadrian’s Cavalry, will be open between 8th April and 10th September this year.

On display across the exhibition will be a collection of cavalry objects which will explore the importance of the cavalry to the Roman Empire.

Objects will include helmets, armour and weapons that were once used during the Roman period.

Ten museums and heritages sites will be taking part in the exhibition, including three English Heritage sites.

These museums include: Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum; Segedunum Roman Fort, Baths and Museum; Great North Museum: Hancock; Corbridge Roman Town and Museum; Chesters Roman Fort and Museum; Housesteads Roman Fort and Museum; Roman Vindolanda; Roman Army Museum; The Roman Frontier Gallery (Tullie Museum and Art Gallery, Carlisle); Senhouse Roman Museum.

There will also be cavalry re-enactments taking place on 1st and 2nd July at Bitts Park, Carlisle, to give visitors an idea of the skill and horsemanship of the Roman cavalry.

Group rates with English Heritage

English Heritage offers a 15 per cent discount for groups with 11 members or more, across its sites.

GTOS and coach drivers can also benefit from complimentary admission, and discounts are also available for English Heritage events.

English Heritage also offers a group itinerary for trips to Hadrian’s Wall which include visiting historical locations that trail the wall.

More about Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall stretches across 73 miles of English countryside.

There are many surviving parts of Hadrian’s Wall, although in ruined form, consisting of Roman forts and settlements, mile castles and turrets, bridges, and towers.

For more information, visit www.english-heritage.org.uk/about-us/search-news/new-roman-cavalry-exhibition