Northumberland Castle

Group travel organisers planning a trip to Northumberland or Cumbria next year can add an inspiring experience to their itineraries with a Wild Dog tour. 

Tour company Wild Dog Outdoors is offering groups an opportunity to ‘understand and fully appreciate the landscape they are visiting, through tours that deliver irresistible sense of place and memorable interpretations’.

The Wild Dog team interprets the past in an interactive way and can offer groups six different tour experiences. Each complement visits to other historic and cultural attractions.

The Roam With the Romans experience, for example, allows groups to learn about life spent guarding Hadrian’s Wall as a member of the elite forces posted to the most northerly border of the Roman Empire. Through costume, handling and interactive activities, walks to key strategic sites and landscape interpretation, groups can learn all about the tough life of a Roman auxiliary. 

Another tour on offer is a Jaunt with the Jacobites experience that explores what fuelled the Jacobite risings.

Alternatively, groups interested in faith tourism might enjoy a Crypts, Churches and Cathedrals tour, taking in early Christian sites and religious buildings. 

And if castles are of interest to groups, Wild Dog Outdoors’ Castles of the Coast tour around key castles of the northern counties is a suitable option. Tours of Cumbria’s ancient stone circles and henges are also on offer, explaining their use, how they fit into the belief systems of their pagan admirers and other reasons for their positioning in particular and carefully aligned places.

Tours can also be created on a bespoke basis, to suit a group’s specific requirements. In each case, the Wild Dog team can meet the group at an agreed location and take charge of passengers for the chosen tour. Alternatively, the team can travel on board a coach journeying to pre-agreed locations at which the theme of the tour can be fully explored. 

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