A new guided tour for groups combines a visit to St Mary’s Guildhall and Coventry Cathedral taking in two extraordinary tapestries. 

A man admires a remarkable tapestry at St Mary's Guildhall in Coventry

A new group experience takes in two extraordinary tapestries in Coventry.

The immersive history-inspired group experience, The Tale of Two Tapestries, is running on select dates this year.

Visitors will be invited to journey through seven centuries of rich history at St Mary’s Guildhall, located in the heart of Coventry’s Cathedral Quarter. There, they will see the Coventry Tapestry, the oldest tapestry still in its original place after 500 years. 

About the Coventry Tapestry at St Mary’s Guildhall

It is thought to have been created some time between 1505 and 1515, with the figure of Justice added in later. Looking carefully, visitors may be able to see that the weaving making up the figure of Justice is a finer quality. This specially commissioned work was woven in Flanders and is likely to have been incredibly expensive.

St Mary's Guildhall, Coventry

Source: Rod Kirkpatrick / F Stop Press

St Mary’s Guildhall is a fascinating place to visit with 1,000 years of history to explore. 

There are six different scenes on the Tapestry, each woven in an intricate way; the central figure is the Virgin Mary, being taken to heaven to become a saint. 

About Coventry Cathedral’s Tapestry

The groups package also includes a visit to Coventry Cathedral, home to the Tapestry of Christ in Glory. Measuring 23 metres high and 12 metres wide, this tapestry was woven by hand on a 500-year-old loom and at one point was the largest continuously woven tapestry in the world. 

It depicts the risen Christ surrounded by the symbols of the four evangelists - the man representing St. Matthew, the lion representing St. Mark, the bull or calf representing St. Luke and the eagle, St. John. 

Coventry Cathedral

Source: Mischa Haller

Coventry Cathedral is home to the Tapestry of Christ in Glory, woven by hand on a 500-year-old loom. 

Groups can prebook the Tale of Two Tapestries tour, on 8th July 2024, 16th September 2024 and 7th October 2024 with expert guides revealing enchanting stories woven into the fabric of the two masterpieces, as well as their historical and spiritual significance.

The combined tour is for groups of ten or more and lasts approximately an hour and 15 minutes, with the opportunity to indulge in a cream tea afterwards featuring a freshly-baked scone with jam, cream, and a pot of tea in Tales of Tea, the Guildhall’s vaulted ceiling restaurant.

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