Portr, a London-based travel-technology company, has announced that its on-demand baggage delivery service AirPortr has been extended to Terminal 4 at Heathrow Airport.

The AirPortr service app on a smartphone

The service, which reduces the hassle of lugging bags to and from airports, launched in 2014 at London City Airport where it is still going, and has been rolled out this year to cater for those flying to and from all the terminals at Heathrow.

Groups travelling from Gatwick Airport can also benefit from the AirPortr bag delivery service.

How does it work?

AirPortr delivers passenger bags between London locations (homes, hotels etc.) and the airport that passengers are flying from.

The service provides same-day, on-demand bag free travel, allowing holidaymakers to travel to and from airports without carrying their bags.

The AirPortr service can be pre-booked, or organised on the day of travel. An AirPortr driver will pick up the bags of those flying from any London location, and drop them at the airport at a time suited to the customer prior to their flight.

AirPortr runs both to and from the airports, so group travel organisers can arrange for bags to be picked up when landing back into London as well.

Why AirPortr?

People who usually travel to the airport on public transport might benefit from the delivery service, as might sporting and social groups – for example, those with bulky luggage like golf bags or ski-ing equipment. 

GTOS can book up to 25 bags in one booking; but these must all be collected from one location. If groups travel independently and meet at the airport, they can book the service direct should they wish to.

Prices start from £15 for the first item of luggage with a £5 charge for each additional bag on the booking.

There are no size or weight restrictions on any item of luggage, and all bags can be GPS tracked in real time from a user’s smartphone.

GTOs can book the AirPortr service by calling 020-3384 6677 or online at www.portr.com.