BODY WORLDS London %C2%A9 Gunther von Hagens

The new flagship exhibition, BODY WORLDS will provide an interactive and fun insight into the human body.

Opening in the iconic London Pavilion on Saturday, 6th October, it will be the largest and most interactive of all the BODY WORLDS exhibitions.  

The 200 exhibits at the London venue, which are said to be a convergence of art, science and education, are intended to provide an insight into the human body, how it works, and how best to look after yours.

Each of the displays will enable visitors to explore the reproductive, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, locomotive and metabolic systems in more detail than it was believed was possible before.

Visitors attending the BODY WORLDS exhibition will be taken on an immersive journey through the human body, but one of the biggest highlights of the experience will be the unique displays of real human bodies.

Unique experience

The creators’ hope that the displays, featuring real anatomical specimens, and interactive exhibits will not only make visitors more health-conscious but will also spark an interest in the science of anatomy and physiology.

Creative director, Dr Angelina Whalley, commented: “BODY WORLDS is a transformative experience that illuminates the miracles of the human body which we take for granted every day.

“We are thrilled to finally open up a BODY WORLDS Museum in London.” 

The flagship exhibition on the human body will become a permanent feature, joining the 130 other BODY WORLDS exhibitions currently located worldwide.

Having already attracted more than 47 million visitors in over 130 cities worldwide, the exhibition is being brought o London by creator Dr. Gunther von Hagens. It’s taking over one of the city’s most iconic buildings which has been restored for the museum.

The BODY WORLDS museum offers group rates (10 plus) starting from £15.  

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Image: BODY WORLDS London (Photo Credit: Gunther von Hagens)