Immersive Experience Goosebumps Alive Heads For The Vaults For April %7C Group Travel News

This spring, the hands-on theatre experience Goosebumps Alive will make its home at the art venue The Vaults in London.

The immersive theatrical experience will be based on the popular book series by R.L Stine and will include scenes from some of the most iconic Goosebumps books, including Stay Out Of The Basement, Night Of The Living Dummy and Say Cheese and Die! – with a modern twist for adults.

The experience will run in promenade style as audience members explore the abandoned railway tunnels of The Vaults, finding themselves experiencing classic scenes from the books such as being buried alive, witnessing a flock of birds crash into a window, watching a ghost story come to life in shadow and being grappled by an array of monsters – even in the toilets.

The show will be directed by Tom Salamon and will include an original score by band The Tiger Lilies.  The original book illustrator Tim Jacobus will create artwork for the show, and costumes will be by Susan Kuljkarni (Secret Cinema).

Goosebumps Alive follows the success of last year’s immersive attraction, Alice’s Adventures Underground, which saw The Vaults turned into a world reflecting that of Alice In Wonderland’s.

Samuel Wyer, who also worked on Alice’s Adventures Underground, will return to design Goosebumps Alive.

Kieran Vanstone, director at The Vaults, commented, “I’ve wanted to take Goosebumps to the stage for years but had to make sure I could do justice to R.L Stine’s trademark combination of horror and humour.

“Immersive events have become the lifeblood of London culture, from Punchdrunk to Secret Cinema, and Goosebumps is perfectly suited to the genre – these stories were made to be experienced up close, with every shiver, sound and unsettling sight!

“I’ve been a lifelong fan of Goosebumps – who could forget Night of the Living Dummy? – and am thrilled to be bringing these shows to London next year, along with some of the best creative talent around.”

Goosebumps Alive will run from 14th April until the 4th September.   

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