Purity Brewing Company

Craft Beer Brewery, run by the Purity Brewing Company, in Warwickshire, is now offering guided tours of the brewery and working farm for groups.

The guided tours include an introduction to Purity, including a drink in the visitor centre, followed by a tour of the state-of-the-art brew house and wider grounds.

Visitors will also get an insight into the sourcing of hops and malts, the art of brewing, and a close look at the special Wetland System which allows the brewery to filter and purify waste water and return it to the water course.

Groups will get to discover how beer is maintained and kept consistent through discussions and talks given around the brewery. 

The tours will also highlight Purity’s eco-friendly and energy efficient methods.

Evening tours are also available, and groups taking part in these can enjoy a field-to-fork experience as well as grain-to-glass, as the farmhouse can prepare British food, including beef from the longhorn cattle that are raised on the farm.

More about Craft Beer Brewery

The brewery was established in 2005 and is based on a working farm in the Warwickshire countryside.

The brewery is eco-friendly, and is known for its beers such as Pure Gold, UBU, Mad Goose, Longhorn IPA, Lawless Lager and Saddle Black.

Purity Brewing Company only uses natural ingredients in its products and supports recycling programmes. 

For more information visit www.puritybrewing.com/brewery-tours