CroisiEurope Launches Adventurous Excursions Range %7C Group Travel News

Groups travelling on a river cruise with CroisiEurope in 2017 will be able to choose from a new range of shore excursions.

The experiences are being called Discovery excursions and they’ve been designed to give passengers new experiences, adventures and sensations.

Examples include a helicopter ride over the Loire and Medoc regions and a Casanova-themed tour of the Doge’s Palace in Venice.
In Nantes, meanwhile, one of the new excursions available as part of the Discovery Package is a visit to the Machines de l’Ile.

This attraction has been inspired by the imaginary worlds of Jules Verne and the mechanical imagination of Leonardo da Vinci.

On a visit to the Machines de l’Ile groups will be able to book a ride on a giant mechanical elephant that’s 12 metres tall and take a walk up The Heron Tree, which is a fantastical-looking tree with aerial walkways that spring 28 metres into the sky.

In Paris, CroisiEurope passengers will be able to see the city’s sights from a different perspective by booking on to a 2CV tour.
2CVs are classic cars with a cult following. When they were created they were talked about as ‘the most original models since the Model T Ford’.

Segway tours will also be available as part of the Discovery Package. The Segway PT is a two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle, which allows sightseers to cover more ground on a guided tour and experience the novelty of the quirky mode of transport.

Finally, in the Medoc region, groups will now be able to take vineyard tours and sample local cheeses.

The new excursions have been created to complement CroisiEurope’s existing excursions offering, which is known as the Classic Package.

From 2017, groups will be able to choose between the Discovery Package and the Classic Package or combine elements of the two in an a la carte way.

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