The 2024 edition of Who’s Who in Group Leisure marks the 30th anniversary of the most popular travel directory and reference tool for group travel organisers.

Who's Who in Group Leisure 2024 directory

Only sections of it were in colour and there were no web or email addresses, but when Who’s Who in Group Leisure first published in 1993 it launched an exciting new resource for people organising group trips and holidays.

As the directory marks its 30th anniversary, Who’s Who still remains the go-to reference for group travel organisers and coach operators - and it’s sporting a new logo too.

From the team that brings you Group Leisure & Travel magazine, Who’s Who is available in print and as a digital edition that you can find online to search and share.

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Of course, when the directory launched with its 1994 edition the world was very different. But despite the emergence of search engines and smartphones, it remains unique and a tool used by GTOs throughout the year.

The fact it is tailored specifically for group travel and is simple and easy to use, means it remains as popular as ever, helping people find information and detail on attractions, tour operators, hotels, tourist boards / DMOs and all types of travel trade suppliers.

In fact, Who’s Who in Group Leisure polled the second highest in the ‘Organising Group Trips & Holidays’ survey 2023, when respondents were asked: what magazines or publications do you read or use on a regular basis to find ideas and advice for group trips and holidays?

Mary Gotts who organises for GOTT 2 TRAVEL said: “This should be called a GTO’s bible, it’s everything you could possibly need for ideas or information with lots of detail, when putting a group trip together. Where else are you going to find everything you need all together in one place?”

Group organiser Patrick Lake, Chippy Active Trips (CATs), said: “The big question for group travel organisers is where do the ideas for trips come from? Well, there is no doubt that Who’s Who in Group Leisure is a great help in finding venues to visit. So I’d say to other GTOs, keep up the good work and continue using Who’s Who to help.”

Who's Who in Group Leisure 1994 first edition

The very first edition of Who’s Who in Group Leisure was published in 1993.

Another GTO, Richard Preston of The Valentine Club added: “Who’s Who in Group Leisure could best be described as a directory of where to go and what to do with your group. It’s a bit like the old ‘yellow pages’ for the group organiser. It’s great for picking up some unusual places and ideas.”

What’s inside Who’s Who in Group Leisure 2024?

As ever, inside this edition are listings for the some of the best and most relevant attractions and suppliers for groups, broken down by county for England, along with sections for Scotland, Wales and Ireland. There are also useful dedicated sections for tour operators, ferry companies, as well as cruise lines. 

The directory includes a foreword from the Tourism Minister, Sir John Whittingdale, MP who said: “There were a thousand reasons to explore our fantastic country over the past year. With first-class heritage, scenery and accommodation, English towns and villages from the Lake District to the Isle of Wight demonstrated their enduring appeal. Our cultural offering was second to none - from blockbuster events like the King’s Coronation and Eurovision Song Contest, to an abundance of museums, theatres and other attractions.” 

WWGL 2024 also includes comments from the national tourism bodies: VisitEngland, VisitScotland, Visit Wales and Tourism Ireland. 

Carisbrooke Castle, Isle of Wight

Source: Robert Anderson / Unsplash

Tourism Minister, Sir John Whittingdale MP said in his introduction that ‘English towns and villages from the Lake District to the Isle of Wight demonstrated their enduring appeal’ in the past year. Pictured above is popular Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight.

Publisher, Rob Yandell said: “The Group Leisure & Travel team have worked incredibly hard to produce another fantastic edition that GTOs and coach operators can use throughout the year, finding useful contacts, new ideas and the information they need when sourcing information and planning.

“Over 30 years, Who’s Who has helped generate countless group trips and holidays. It was incredible to look back at the very first edition and I’m very proud that it remains the most popular group travel directory resource.”

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