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For museum buffs

Alison O'Neil

Shepherdess Alison O'Neill exhibition to open in Yorkshire

The shepherdess Alison O’Neill will have an exhibition about her life and work on display at the Dales Countryside Museum in Yorkshire from 22nd May.

Tate Britain Exterior

Rare self-portrait on display at Tate Britain's new William Blake exhibition

A self-portrait of William Blake will be on display for the first time in the UK as part of a new exhibition showcasing more than 300 original artworks.

Naze Tower

Naze Tower to host bumper 2019 season as it reopens its doors

The Naze Tower in Essex has opened to the public for its 15th year, and will remain accessible for visitors until 3rd November, with a range of exhibitions, events and activities lined up.

Queen Victoria's Palace exhibition

Follow in the footsteps of…Queen Victoria

With 2019 marking the 200th anniversary Queen Victoria’s birth, here are some of the places you can go to learn more about the second-longest reigning monarch, this year and next.