In celebration of National Walking Month, here is a list of top trekking trips from around the globe, from a twilight trail in Sri Lanka, to hiking up a volcano in Indonesia.

1. Indonesia: Footsteps on the volcano

With amazing views at every step, trekking up Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok is a must-do experience for those who fancy a real challenge. Over four days, you’ll hike to the top of the volcano and camp on the crater rim, enjoying a night’s sleep on its slopes. With a final ascent to the volcano’s summit, travellers will be rewarded with a breath-taking sunrise and views of Lombok and the surrounding islands.

2. Borneo: Climb the mighty Mount Kinabalu

The pride of Sabah, Gunung Kinabalu is the highest mountain in South East Asia its peak soaring above the jungle underneath. This trek begins in the dense tropical rainforest of Borneo, twisting its way through various vegetation zones en route to the top. Be sure to arrive before sunrise in time to glimpse the sunlight beaming across the horizon.

Pictured: Gunung Kinabalu, South East Asia.

3. Peru: Follow ancient footsteps on the Inca Trail (lead image)

The ancient Inca Trail is 44km in length and begins in the foothills of the Peruvian Andes, taking over five days to complete. Weaving through virgin cloud forest and picturesque valleys, walkers might like to time their ascent to see the mist lift above Machu Picchu, a World Heritage Site, at dawn.

Top tip: For those that are after breath-taking scenery on their Peru trek but who would prefer to avoid the Inca Trail crowds, take on the glorious Salkantay Trail, known as the ‘other’ Inca Trail. It’s not the traditional route to Machu Picchu, but just as jaw-dropping.

4. Sri Lanka: Join the pilgrimage to Adam’s Peak

A must-see for travellers for over hundreds of years, Adam’s Peak is located in the lofty mountains of Sri Lanka. When travelling with Rickshaw Travel, this climb starts at night. By following a twinkling pathway of lights, travellers will ascend into the clouds as they near the peak. Those embarking on this trek should have cameras at the ready as the sunrise begins to burn through the morning mist, exposing the majestic valleys below.

Adam's peak
Pictured: A long way down - views down Adam’s Peak.

5. Vietnam: Trek among the hill tribes of Sapa

For those travellers seeking a trek that combines awe-inspiring scenery with local culture, this trekking experience in Vietnam ticks all the right boxes. Guests will begin with an overnight train to Sapa, before beginning their hike through the mountains. For a real dose of local hospitality, travellers can enjoy an overnight stay in a genuine hill tribe home, experiencing the highland life of Vietnam.

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