Europe has plenty to offer when it comes to fairy-tale-like architecture. We round-up some of the most magical looking locations that your group might like to visit.

From towering castle turrets to churches atop hills, groups seeking an historical trip with a touch of fantasy might like to consider a trip to some of these European attractions.

1. Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany is perched on a hill and offers guided tours in both German and English exploring how it was built for Ludwig II, King of Bavaria in 1864. It was opened up to the public in 1886 following the death of Ludwig II; ironically, whilst living his reason for building the castle was to have privacy from the public. 

Burg Hochosterwitz

Pictured: Burg Hochosterwitz.

2. Burg Hochosterwitz in Austria is a Medieval castle which includes 14 gates, a church, and an inclined railway up the side of the mountain, making a visit for groups with elderly or disables members accessible. There’s also an armoury and Honor guard room to explore and at Christmas there’s a Festive Market held there, too. 

Peles Castle

Pictured: Peles Castle.

3. Pele? Castle in Romania is located in the foot of the Bucegi Mountains, in the scenic town of Sinaia. Each room is filled with European art, Murano crystal, and German stained-glass windows. And did you know that Peles Castle is said to be the first European castle entirely lit by electrical current? There are no group rate offers however tours are led in groups of around 20.

Chateau du Chillon

Pictured: Chateau du Chillon.

4. Chateau du Chillon in Switzerland (Chillon Castle) is said to have been occupied since the Bronze Age. Surrounded by water, the castle sits on a rocky island which would have been for protection and also to control the passage way between Northern and Southern Europe. The castle is said to be influenced largely by the Savoy Period, the Bernese Period, and the Vaudois Period. Guided tours can be booked in advance and a number of permanent and temporary exhibitions can be explored.

Alcazar of Sergovia

Pictured: Alcazar of Sergovia.

5. Alcazar of Sergovia in Spain is believed to have been the inspiration behind Cinderella’s castle at Walt Disney World in Florida. Parts of the fortress originate from the 1100s and building was continued during the 13th and 14th centuries. When visiting, you and your group can venture through nine period rooms, a chapel and an armoury. This enchanting castle also houses hundreds of ornate golden shields worth looking out for when visiting.

Ravadinovo Castle

Pictured: Ravadinovo Castle.

6. Ravadinovo Castle, Bulgaria, is often referred to as the castle ‘In love with the Wind’ after a poem. Unlike other castles in Europe it is very new and was only built in 1996 by the Kostadinov family who had a dream to build a magical castle. When visiting this castle, you’ll see thousands of exotic plants and flowers in the gardens, plus a small zoo, a wishing well and a ‘magic summerhouse’.