Review%3A Monty%E2%80%99s Log Cabin at The Montague on the Gardens

Louise Joy visited The Montague on the Gardens to get a taste of the seasonal events the plush hotel puts on for groups.

Winter pop ups seem to have been effortlessly popular this Christmas but none seem to be quite as thoughtful as those ran by The Montague on the Gardens.

Having heard through the grapevine about The Montague’s seasonal Ski Lodge, I knew I had to pop down.

The Ski Pass that The Montague on the Gardens has offered this Christmas entitles each visitor to an hour slot in either a specially created Ski Lodge or Log Cabin. Access comes with a choice of three seasonal drinks and three canapes.

These seasonal pop up experiences are an example of the festive fun on offer every year at the venue. The Ski Lodge saw the Garden Grill area transformed into an Alpine ski lodge, complete with pine trees, falling snow, reindeer, snowmen, ski racks, piste maps and strings of fairy lights and lanterns.

The Log Cabin, on the other hand, provided a more quiet and cosy affair in a warm room complete with soft rugs and a crackling fire.

During a Christmas themed day out in London, I made sure to make time for a visit and by the time my hourly slot came around, I was in dire need of a sit down in the warmth.

Setting the scene

Greeted like we were royalty, my friend and I were quickly swept inside the hotel and guided through the warm and inviting rooms to the outdoor Ski Lodge to see what it was all about. A Christmas haven, the Ski Lodge even boasted fake snow.

We fell onto the Selfie Ski Lift in a fit of giggles, using the recommended props to take a seriously seasonal selfie, complete with Christmas tree sunglasses and Santa hats.

Once we were satisfied with our photos, we were ushered back inside to a more private room that somehow seemed both high class and welcoming all at once.

It was here that we settled down into the Log Cabin which boasted a roaring fire, a twinkling Christmas tree and soft blankets aplenty. We were served promptly with our first drink of choice – a mulled wine.

The canapes, though from a set choice, were delicious. The festive platter consisted of a mini turkey schnitzel, a bratwurst sausage and a deep fried camembert. Despite being a self-confessed hot dog fan, I have to say the camembert was my favourite. Crunchy on the outside and oozing melted cheese once bitten into, the camembert definitely stood out for me.

The choice of drinks varied from flavoured vodkas and mulled wine to hot chocolate cocktails and of course plenty of non-alcoholic options, too.

An hour inside the Log Cabin was more than enough time to settle down for a bite to eat and to warm our fingers and toes in a festive setting.

I certainly did not feel like I was in London – with the fluffy carpets beneath our boots and soft throws covering each overly comfortable armchair, I felt like I was in the middle of Switzerland, holed up in a log cabin protecting me from the snow outside.

Which, I guess, was the point.

Nearby for groups

Being that The Montague on the Gardens is right around the corner from Russell Square, it’s the perfect pit stop for groups moving on elsewhere regardless of the time of year.

It’s just a five minute walk from Somerset House and Southbank Centre, meaning that no matter how busy your day is, there’s always time for a quick visit.

Failing that, with such an inviting atmosphere, I would have been happy to stay all night. And that’s certainly an option for groups – the hotel offers special rates for groups staying overnight.

During the summer, the hotel also holds events in the Garden Grill, which include summer BBQs.

The concept of the Ski Lodge and Monty’s Log Cabin, meanwhile, will be repeated again next winter.

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