A selection of attractions which are perfect for autumnal walks, seasonal displays and beautiful photo opportunities.

1. Chatsworth, Derbyshire 

The grounds of Chatsworth are rich in history, and are also known for their modern waterworks and sculptures. There is something for everyone in the 105-acre Chatsworth garden, which transforms in colour throughout the autumn.

2. Hever Castle, Kent

The former home of Anne Boleyn turns a vivid shade of red throughout autumn as Boston Ivy takes over the front of the historic castle. As well as this, visitors can also explore 125 acres of glorious grounds, with autumnal views guaranteed throughout the season.

3. RHS Garden Wisley, Surrey

Packed with horticultural inspiration, RHS Garden Wisley has a range of walking routes which highlight its impressive collection. Visitors can expect to see Nyssa sylvatica ‘Wisley Bonfire’ and  Liquidambar styraciflua ‘Wisley King, which turn to vibrant shades of amber and red for the season.

4. Chartwell, Kent

The childhood home of Winston Churchill promises spectacular views across the estate, with highlights including Churchill’s swimming pool, the Golden Rose Avenue in the Walled Garden and the Orchard. Guests can be sure to grab a picture next to its lake in the autumn, which reflects the tree’s glorious colour.

5.  Batsford Arboretum, Gloucestershire

Autumn brings with it a riot of leaf colour ranging from deep yellows through to orange, reds and crimsons as well as a selection of berries. It’s a natural fireworks display throughout the autumn months.

6. Castle Howard, Yorkshire

Whether it be its Walled Garden, Woodland Garden, lakes, waterways, or its temples & monuments, there is so much to see across the estate, which covers approximately 8,800 acres. Watch as the trees shed their leaves and drench the surroundings in colour.

7. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London

From maple trees to oaks, visitors to Kew Gardens will see its woodland come alive with fiery shades of scarlet, burnt orange and yellow. Leaves turn a different colour in the autumn due to hormonal changes in the tree, triggered by the longer nights as the summer comes to an end.