We spoke to Andy Begg, stadium tours lead at Manchester City Football Club, to find out more about why groups may want to consider a visit to the blue half of Manchester.

Tell us a little bit about your role?

Andy Begg, Stadium Tours Lead at Manchester City

Andy Begg.

I head up the Manchester City’s Stadium Tours Department which involves leading a team of about 70 tour guides from a variety of backgrounds. Our dedicated team of professionals all have an undying love for football, an admiration for Manchester City and a passion for meeting people and telling engaging stories.

As well as managing the team, I am always looking at new ways to engage our visitors and tell the story of Manchester City– this can be through the introduction of new experiences using state of the art technology or introducing new elements to visit on the tour.

A group who are pitchside at the Etihad Stadium tour in Manchester

Groups can go pitch side and see where the team benches are.

Why should groups consider a tour of the Etihad Stadium?

Our award-winning stadium tour gives visitors a fascinating insight into the inner workings of the European Champions. We tell the story of Manchester City in such an engaging way with charismatic tour guides as well as state of the art technology.

Guest feedback shows us that you do not have to be a Manchester City fan or even a football fan to enjoy the experience. A trip to the Etihad Stadium is also perfect for groups, with free coach parking, group rates and free spaces for group leaders.

What do you think sets the stadium tour apart from other English grounds?

Well, the Etihad is the home of the “Treble Winners” , something which we are very proud of. In addition to this, the Etihad stadium is one of the most advanced stadia in the Premier League and offers both the fans and players industry-leading facilities, and as part of this we also use of technology throughout the tour to bring spaces and experiences to life. For example, guests can experience a press conference sat alongside an augmented Pep Guardiola thanks to our amazing technology.

A group taking part in the Manchester City Stadium tour with a virtual Pep Guardiola

Take part in a virtual press conference with manager Pep Guardiola.

What’s your favourite part about your job?

Being at the club during the most successful era in its history is a real privilege, and to be able to share such success with our guests is an enormous source of pride. Our role in the tourism industry is about creating amazing experiences for people, and I certainly feel fortunate to do that here every day.

What would you say is your personal highlight on the tour?

I could mention the hugely popular augmented Pep Guardiola, or the chance to have your photo taken with the treble trophies or even the opportunity to sit in your favourite player’s seat. But my personal favourite is visiting the player areas the day after a big match – you can sense what has happened in the spaces just a few hours earlier – there are still remnants from the match – whether it be stud marks on the floor, the smell of grass, left over water bottles, strapping – it oozes authenticity and gives you a chill to think you are standing in a space where magic took place just hours before.

A group in the tunnel at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester

Walk through the tunnel and see inside the behind-the-scenes areas.

What can you offer groups to tempt them into a visit?

We can guarantee an engaging experience for everyone, leaving all guests with some amazing photos, lasting memories, backstage secrets and anecdotes from the home of the treble winners – but above all they will be entertained and have a lot of fun.

For more information about group tours of the Etihad stadium, go to www.mancity.com/tours