Pam Evans at Nidd Hall

At the start of April Group Leisure launched the search for the Group Travel Organiser of the Year 2016. We look at where previous winners spent their prize money.

The Group Travel Organiser of the Year Award 2016 comes with an even bigger prize than last year. The 2016 winner will receive a wallet-plumping £2,000 to spend on a familiarisation trip of their choice.

With all the talk of prize money going round the office, the Group Leisure team has been looking back to see how previous winners put their prize to use. Last year’s winner Arthur Hunt has yet to take his trip. He’ll be travelling to the Danube this summer.

Nidd Hall, Yorkshire

2014 winner Pam Evans (pictured above) chose to spend five days at Warner Leisure’s Nidd Hall in North Yorkshire with her husband, sister and brother in law.

During her stay Pam got involved with daytime activities like Walk a Mile with Warner and cha cha cha dance lessons. In the evenings, she took advantage of Warner’s dining options and live entertainment, like cabaret and evening quizzes. 

Lin Wilson in Croatia

Pictured: Lin in Croatia.


Lin Wilson won the title in 2013 and chose to spend her prize money on a cruise around the Dalmation Islands in Croatia. Lin booked through Travelsphere and sailed on the MS President, a 47-metre luxury rated cruise ship.

During her trip Lin got the chance to explore the UNESCO World Heritage town of Trogir, Krka National Park and the Skradinski waterfalls, among other places, like the island of Zlarin and Korkola.

Janet Spooner at the Amazing Puszta Equestrian Show

Pictured: Janet at the Amazing Puszta Equestrian Show in Hungary.

The Danube

After taking the 2012 title, GTO of the Year winner Janet Spooner took a cruise along the Danube, booking through Travelsphere. Janet travelled on the Serenade 1 from Passau to Budapest.

During her trip Janet visited Linz, Melk and Vienna, where she took an ‘evening of Mozart and Strauss’ excursion. Other stops on the cruise included Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, and Esztergom, which was once the capital of Hungary.

One of Janet’s highlights was an excursion she took to the see the Amazing Puszta Equestrian Show in Hungary. 

Andy Booth in Rome

Pictured: Andy Booth in Rome.


2011 winner Andy Booth took his familiarisation trip in Tuscany. The base for his trip was the three star Hotel Villa Ricci in Chianciano Terme and his schedule was part of Travelsphere’s Treasures of Tuscany itinerary.

During his trip Andy visited Montepulciano, Florence, Pisa and Sienna, and had the chance to try what he called ‘the world’s best ice cream’ in San Gimignano.

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