G Adventures has forecast the hottest spots for adventurous groups to travel to next year, from destinations on the rebound, to places where investments are making it more accessible to visit.

Here are some of the small-group adventure tour operator’s top destination choices:

Egypt: The country’s tourism revenue rose by a staggering 170% in the first half of 2017, and it looks set to continue to grow next year. Late 2018 will see the opening of the new Grand Egyptian Museum, said to be the world’s largest archaeological museum. The new tourist attraction will be a welcome addition to the country’s other landmarks such as the Nile River Valley, Giza's colossal Pyramids and the Great Sphinx. 

Russia: The world’s largest country will be firmly in the media spotlight in 2018 as it plays host to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The Russian Embassy has rolled out the welcome mat, waiving visa fees to fans attending the World Cup. Travel writer and adventurer Simon Reeve, a previous Seminar Speaker at the Group Leisure & Travel Show, recently travelled across Russia with the BBC, proving that beyond the football it’s a culturally rich destination. Highlights for groups might include the Winter Palace at St Petersburg and St Basil’s Cathedral. 


Pictured: St Basil's Cathedral, Russia.

Bolivia: With its new 119-mile highway set to open next year, connecting the Eastern and Western ranges of the Bolivian Andes, travel to and from the famed salt flats will become more accessible. The South American country’s highlights include Isla del Sol, an island with several traditional communities and pre-Columbian ruins, and the elegant city of Sucre.

Kyrgyzstan: The focus of investment in this central Asian country is immersive culinary experiences and active trips, with more than 2,500km of newly marked treks being developed. 2018 will also see Kyrgyzstan host 40 nations in the biennial World Nomad Games, a championship of traditional nomadic sports and culture, with competitions in eagle hunting, stick wrestling, and horseback battles.


Pictured: A landscape in Kyrgyzstan.

Morocco: The opening of the new Yves Saint Laurent museum in October this year has helped propel publicity for Marrakech, one of the country’s main hubs. Active groups visiting next year should make sure to include a trip to High Atlas, North Africa’s highest mountain range.

Colombia: A 12-year peace treaty, a Nobel Peace Prize for its President and investments in marketing the country overseas have combined to boost Colombia’s reputation as a great place to visit. Inbound tourism has rocketed in the past ten years, reportedly outpacing tourism to all other South American countries. Groups can explore a landscape of rainforests, mountains and coffee plantations, with must-visit destinations including Cartagena and Bogota. 


Pictured: Colombia.

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