Exploring more of the lesser known destinations and attractions to inspire your group holidays to Europe. 


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1. Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia

Apparently, this small nation in the heart of the Balkans is among the least visited countries in Europe but not for much longer by the looks of it. TUI is launching flights to Lake Ohrid from Gatwick and Manchester from May; travel expert Simon Calder has said it’s one to watch too. What it lacks in coast, it makes up for in ancient monuments, mountainous scenery and gorgeous crystal-clear lakes.

2. Vilnius, Lithuania

The only capital in Europe that permits hot air balloon flights over the city. The quirky district of Užupis is worth a visit too. The people who live there declared independence back in 1997. In addition to its own constitution - which lists humour and tolerance among its provisions - the Užupis Republic also has its own anthem and flag. And if you happen to visit on 1st April, you can get Užupis stamps added to your passports when you cross the district’s principal bridge.

3. Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

A slightly younger state, the Czech Republic became so 30 years ago and has seen a steady rise in visitors over the last three decades. Hardly surprising that tourists have fallen in love with it, especially with the likes of Prague, Pilsen (of course known for the beer) and the magical UNESCO gem of Český Krumlov. 

4. Westhoek region, Flanders

The other side of Belgium is this part of Flanders, a region packed with history, heritage and arts as well as a number of military cemeteries. Stories of how the current landscape was sculpted are covered in detail at the For Evermore Expo at the Flanders Field Museum. Meanwhile, the Nieuwpoort over Water spectacle tells the stories experienced following the flooding of the River Yzer. Landscapes will run from April 2023 until August 2024. 

5. Aix-en-Provence, France 

Not perhaps an obvious choice when it comes to trips across the Channel but with access to the region available on Eurostar (via Lille), groups can immerse themselves in the culture of this art of southern France. You can also follow in the footsteps of painter Paul Cezanne, visiting the house where he was born through to his final resting place in Saint-Pierre cemetery. 

6. Florence, Italy

If you’re wanting to head off the beaten track, the Stefano Bardini Museum is one of the more underrated museums in the city. Described as a ‘rainy day’ museum, it’s the type where it is best not to look for that ‘one’ masterpiece but rather to appreciate a collection of mixed antiques and oddities. You can also head to the other side of the Arno River to discover Oltrarno known as the ‘other Florence’ which can be less crowded than other parts and boasts some of the best restaurants and bars. 

7. Mdina Gate, Malta

With more than 300 days of sunshine each year, Malta is a great choice for a group European getaway. While Valletta enjoys the spotlight, the lesser-known walled city of Mdina is no less remarkable. Mdina is one of Europe’s finest examples of an ancient walled city and has an extraordinary mix of medieval and baroque architecture to enjoy. Travellers can wander its winding alleys and backstreets, visiting St Paul’s Cathedral and the baroque Vilhena Palace which houses the Natural History Museum.