We round up of some of the UK’s most haunted locations that are bound to send chills up your spine.

Corfe Castle

As it’s Halloween, we suggest some spooky destinations for you to take your group to.

1. Blicking Hall, Norfolk

Blicking Hall in Norfolk is said to be home to the ghost of a headless Anne Boleyn. The hall stands on the Medieval site of a manor believed to have been her birthplace. According to the National Trust, which owns the property, her ghost returns every 19th May which is the anniversary of her execution. Anne’s father, Sir Thomas, is also said to haunt the area.

Group perks: Groups are welcome at Blicking Hall and can enjoy the gardens, guided tours, and lunches and afternoon teas.

2. Corfe Castle, Dorset

Corfe Castle is another National Trust property with ghostly goings-on. And it’s no surprise - the castle is associated with both murder and war. One of the ghost stories being told is that of an 18-year-old Anglo Saxon heir, Edward the Martyr, who was killed by his stepmother Queen Elfrida who wanted her own son to become King.

The castle was also part of the Civil War and in 1645 enemies were able to smuggle their soldiers within the walls and attack. Now the ghost of a Woman in White, who is believed to be the one who betrayed the castle, walks the halls and battlements.

Group perks: Group rates are available for visits to the ruined castle.

Bodmin Jail

Pictured: Bodmin Jail.

3. Bodmin Jail, Cornwall

This old jail is said to be one of the most chilling locations in Britain, with television series such as Most Haunted being filmed there. Ghost walks are available and take place after dark accompanied by the resident Medium. 

The tours also include a three-course meal and take in the history of the jail as well. With so much history and death, it’s not shocking to hear that people report feeling uneasy, hearing voices and sensing someone is following them.

Group perks: A variety of events can be arranged such as Christmas and New Year parties and wine tasting sessions.

4. Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland’s Capital is thought to be populated with spirits as the city has a rich history of trauma and death. With The Real Mary King’s Close running underneath the streets, a location where plague victims in Edinburgh were quarantined, there are plenty of tales to tell. There have been sightings of ghostly pipers, prisoners of war and a headless drummer.

Group perks: Group rates and tours are available at The Real Mary King’s Close.

Hampton Court Palace

Pictured: Hampton Court Palace.

5. Hampton Court Palace, London

Henry VIII himself is said to stalks the halls of Hampton Court Palace, as well as his wives Jane Seymour and Catherine Howard. However, a more recent spectre, known as the ‘Skeletor’, is believed to haunt the attraction, after being caught on CCTV in 2003 opening a fire door with force.

Group perks: Group visiting Hampton Court Palace can enjoy a calendar of events and exhibitions, as well as ghost tours, catering and private tours.

6. Samlesbury Hall, Lancashire

Samlesbury Hall is considered one of Britain’s most haunted sites and tells tales of the White Lady, Dorothy Southworth, who is said to have died from a broken heart. Her spirit wanders the halls and adds a touch of eerie to a visit. 

Group perks: Groups of 20 or more can enjoy guided tours with no ropes off areas, dining choices and a calendar of events.

Lead image: Corfe Castle.