Giving groups a license to thrill

Date Posted: 15/02/2012

Buckinghamshire-based espionage-themed events and entertainment provider, Spy Games, offers groups of all ages and interests the chance to become James Bond for the day.

Have you ever imagined yourself as the next James Bond? If so, why not organise a group trip to Spy Games, one of the UK’s leading espionage-themed events and entertainment providers.

Spy Games, which recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, has become a national hotspot for budding secret agents who want to put their spy skills to the test.

Based in Buckinghamshire, Spy Games gives participants a license to thrill with a range of themed activities, including Hostage Rescue, Spy Hunt, Diamond Heist and Escape & Evasion. There’s also full-day and half-day Spy Academy training experiences, during which you can learn about combat techniques, surveillance drills, pistol shooting, ID parades, code-breaking, and how to dodge laser alarms.

A big hit with groups of staff from companies including Coca-Cola, Tesco and Barclaycard, Spy Games is also increasingly popular with those organising group travel for sports or social clubs and leisure groups. Thrill-seekers from stag parties and other private groups have enrolled in large numbers, and there’s growing demand from group organisers planning hen parties as adventurous women follow in the footsteps of modern female spies from the movies.

As well as offering a range of ready-made event packages both in the UK and overseas, Spy Games can create bespoke itineraries for any James Bond wannabe, depending on budget. Additional optional features range from casino roulette tables to speedboat and helicopter getaways.

Spy Games founder and managing director Dave Thomas said: “The hidden world of the secret agent is something that fascinates a lot of people, but until we set up Spy Games in 2001 there was nowhere for people to actually sample that experience. We had big ambitions for Spy Games but it’s been even more successful than we imagined. Of course there are options for people to do go-karting, off-roading or paintballing, but we were determined to offer something completely unique, and that’s been our trump card.”

During his eight years with the SAS, Dave carried out assignments all over Europe and the US, and undertook training in parachuting, signaling, jungle warfare and paramedic services, the latter of which saw him become Sqn Medic. Dave also spent time as a senior instructor with the Training Wing responsible for new recruits and continuation training. After leaving the SAS, Dave set up a private surveillance company serving clients all over the world - a role that continues to this day.

In 2001 he decided to apply his expertise to the world of events and entertainment by setting up Spy Games, offering groups the chance to enter the exciting world of spies, secret agents and criminals. Since then, Spy Games has grown exponentially and has been featured by the BBC’s Blue Peter, The Gadget Show, The Daily Mail, Sunday Mirror, The Sunday Times, Stuff, Men’s Health, Winning Edge and Shortlist.

Group travel organisers planning their next full-day group trip can take advantage of Spy Games newest experience launched this year. Reportedly it’s most ambitious package yet, Spy HQ is a one day experience which encourages participants to carry out the essential skills required to conduct a 007-style secret agent operation, including target practice, off-road buggies and bomb deactivation. Speed, agility and accuracy will be put to the test in this six-hour mission, with prices starting from £99 per person.

Catering for group organisers on a tighter budget, Spy Games also offers standard packages to participants of all ages. For those planning a longer group holiday, the company can deliver international events anywhere in the world, and in almost any venue from coaches and trains to hotels, Bedouin tented camps or even an office space. Presented by highly trained professionals, Spy Games brings to life the exciting world of international espionage in an environment that is safe, enjoyable and rewarding.

“One of the great things about Spy Games is that there’s something for everyone,” explains Dave Thomas. “Being a professional agent certainly requires a level of fitness and agility, but you also need people who can crack codes and come up with plans of attack, so there’s a mental challenge too. It’s very inclusive, and that’s what makes it a great option for groups, because everyone can use their own strengths and play their role in the overall success of a mission.”

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