Living nature: an introduction to Floriade 2012

Date Posted: 29/08/2011

With World Horticultural Expo, Floriade, returning in 2012 after a ten-year interval, Group Leisure looks at the experience in store for visiting groups.

After an interval of ten years, the gates to the spectacular World Horticultural Expo will be opening once more. Featuring over 100 participants bringing an ode to horticulture, Floriade will be taking place from the 5th April to 7th October next year in a stunning park-like landscape in Venlo, The Netherlands.

The park is made up of five distinct worlds which are linked together by woodland. Here, some of the most beautiful gardens and pavilions in the world can be admired for a period of six months. Visiting groups will have the chance to view these different worlds, enabling them to see, feel and experience nature in an ever-changing way.

Global spectacle

Floriade is a global spectacle with dozens of countries participating once again in 2012. Nations from every corner of the globe will be represented at the Floriade park. Gaze in wonder at gardens from countries including China, Italy, Germany, Mexico and Thailand.

The exhibit from Indonesia is to feature various traditional buildings such as Balinese towers, a Javanese and a Sumatran house. A lake, a waterfall and paddy field are examples of natural elements typical of Indonesia that will be presented at the pavilion. Traditional Indonesian performances will also be given in a small amphitheatre. All the participating countries will be contributing to a daily cultural programme enabling group members to learn about other customs and rituals, and become immersed in a melting pot of different cultures.

Five unique worlds

The Floriade park consists of five diverse worlds: Environment, Relax & Heal, Green Engine; Education & Innovation, and the World Show Stage.

Environment is all about the importance of green in an urban environment. This Dutch horticultural sector will be providing a stunning and thought-provoking welcome in its golden dome, and a 360-degree virtual tour will introduce you to the diversity and richness of horticulture in a unique way. The Environment Restaurant is located right at the water's edge and is the beach club of the Floriade park. Here, you can enjoy delicious dishes from the barbecue and sample heavenly cocktails.

In Relax & Heal the central focus is on health and welfare. Rebalance your senses in the energetic garden, relax in a hot tub and enjoy some delicious food in an Oriental restaurant.

Green Engine centres on sustainability and the economic importance of horticulture. It will also be home to the greenhouse-style building, Villa Flora. Here landscape gardeners will be demonstrating how a grey office can literally burst into life. Plus you can discover the story behind the towering tulip in the flower bulb pavilion.

In the world of Education & Innovation you can experience life as a bee and take a journey through the pavilion of the Netherlands Government. Once in the building - which resembles a seed - visitors are surrounded by flowing water, fragrant flowers, buzzing robots and bubbling test tubes. These are the laboratories of tomorrow! 

World Show Stage features a stunning amphitheatre where you can enjoy spectacular performances, and Floriade Boulevard runs along the imposing water garden of the World Show Stage. Revive your feet after a long walk by dangling them in the water and tuck into the delicious snacks and drinks.

Group extras

Floriade 2012 offers additional extras for visiting groups. These include catering arrangements especially for larger parties or guided walks following a thematic route. Groups can also enjoy a bird’s eye view of the park from the 30-metre-high cable car system.

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