Extreme cruise experiences

Date Posted: 10/10/2014

Zip--lining with P&O Cruises.

Pictured: Zip-Lining with P&O Cruises.

You can fuel your group’s sense of adventure with an extreme experience on a cruise holiday.

For those new to cruising, the exciting and extreme experiences that you can now find on a cruise holiday may come as a surprise.

Here’s a selection of extreme cruise experiences, from bungee jumping to camping in the arctic.

Ben Fogle's Great Adventures

Explorer, writer and broadcaster Ben Fogle has developed a series of exclusive shore excursion programmes for Celebrity Cruises, continuing his role as the brand’s own 'Destination Expert'.

Experience Croatia on land and sea with a triathlon-themed tour that includes biking, boat rides, swimming and sea kayaking.

Or try a nature-themed excursion including tours of the Stockholm archipelago by kayak and RIB boat.

Camping in the Arctic

Grab a taste of real Arctic exploration and join members of the Hurtigruten expedition team for a night camping ashore in Spitsbergen.

This cruise excursion offers passengers the chance to be part of a Polar Bear watch. You will help set up camp and listen to tales of daring experiences by the expedition team members.

Alligators by night

Holland America Cruises offers thrill-seekers the opportunity to cross the Rio Negro by riverboat into Lake January and canoe through the dark and exciting jungle at night.

Watch the shadows and listen to the mysterious sounds, as the guide will bravely tackle an alligator for an opportunity for passengers to get up close and personal with the reptiles.

Surf machine

Simulated surfing is available on the FlowRider surf park, which is featured on several of Royal Caribbean's ships.

With 60,000 gallons of water rushing by every minute, the FlowRider should keep cruisers active and entertained on holiday.

To add to the pressure, surfers are broadcast on the flat-screen TVs around the deck, for everyone to watch.

Rock climbing

Climbing Wall

While it's not exactly scaling a cliff in the Grand Canyon, rock-climbing walls are featured on Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line ships.

Not only does this activity offer passengers the thrill of scaling 200ft above sea level, made even more extreme by a rocking ship, but also exhilarating views out at sea.

The Norwegian Epic has the biggest rock wall of any Norwegian ship and also features a 24-foot tall enclosed climbing cage called the Spider Web.

Zip-lining in Barbados

As part of its new activity tours in the Caribbean, P&O Cruises is offering the opportunity to glide a total of 1,000 foot across eight platforms through a canopy of trees in Walkes Spring Plantation in Barbados. 

For those that can keep their eyes open, sit back in the harness and whizz through the tree tops approximately 100 foot above terra firma taking in glimpses of the distant coast and brushing past the surrounding eco-system.

Ice Skating

Royal Caribbean debuted the first permanent ice rink at sea and passengers can now practice triple-axels on several of the cruise line's ships.

The rinks are typically open to passengers during the day and are used to host ice shows featuring experienced skaters at night.

For more information visit www.cruiseexperts.org. 

This list was compiled by Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA).

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