5 Free things to do in... Leeds

Date Posted: 01/04/2015

Photo Credit: Richard Moran

Leeds is currently fighting for the coveted title of European Capital of Culture for 2023 and with experiences like these, Leeds could be well on its way to taking home the crown.

1.    Verve Comedy Club

While this venue is known for its live music events, the Verve’s comedy cellar has become a frequent stop for some of the UK’s most established comedians and is renowned for harbouring the next generation of comedic talent.

Be warned, you will be in close proximity to the comedians due to the intimate positioning of the stage so you could potentially be trading verbal jousts (and probably end up on the losing end,) with the next Michael Macintyre.

Attendance at the Verve Comedy Club is free and takes place every Tuesday at 8.00pm.

2.    Museums and art galleries

Leeds boasts an eclectic variety of museums and galleries from 17th century history to avant-garde, contemporary exhibits.

Located in the Leed’s university campus, the Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery has a vast range of free galleries like the George Morland exhibition which runs until 11th July and also provides free art workshops to enable art lovers to explore their creativity.

Leeds’s Royal Armouries Museum in Clarence Dock houses the National Collection of Arms which contains weapons and armour from down the centuries.

A feature which you cannot miss is the Hall of Steel – a steel and glass tower which rises beside the main galleries and is primarily adorned by 17th century armour and 19th century arms.

3.    Middleton Park

The largest woodland area in Leeds is not simply known for its verdant scenery: its other features include the world’s oldest railway the Middleton Railway, a picturesque lake suitable for angling, and ancient mining areas, which makes Middleton Park a must for walking enthusiasts.

Groups can stroll through the woods’ diverse terrain caused by the mining sites and absorb the park’s history.

4.    Fools and Heroes LARPing

Turn your group into a band of brothers by participating in Leed’s branch of Fools and Heroes, a Live Action Role Play series. Leave your earthly persona behind and become a gallant warrior in the fictional universe of Ithron.

Choose a race ranging from human to elf, join a knightly guild and prepare to do battle with your enemies as you attack them with foam weapons!

Fools and Heroes takes place every first Sunday of the month at Meanwood Valley. Battle costumes will be provided with on the day and the first two events are free with membership for the year costing £20.

5.    Henry Moore Institute

The Henry Moore Institute has quickly become an acclaimed centre for encouraging the appreciation of the visual arts through the study of sculpture.
Groups can visit a number of its exhibitions on the Institute’s year-round programme to understand the historical and cultural importance of contemporary sculpture.

Upcoming exhibitions from April through to July include Garth Evans’ sculpture photographs and Carol Bove’s Carol Bove / Carlo Scarpa which explores experimental treatment of materials and approaches to providing environments for artwork.

The Henry Moore Institute is open every day with its galleries open Tuesday to Sunday, 11am - 5.30pm.

For more information visit www.visitleeds.co.uk.

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