What is group travel?

Group Leisure & Travel magazine

So, what is group travel and how does Group Leisure & Travel magazine fit in?

Ever heard of the term 'group travel organiser'? Well, GTOs are the primary audience for our portfolio of specialist magazines, directories, websites and events - all geared towards people who organise group trips and holidays.

We're also read by coach operators and people who work within the group travel trade.

There is a whole world of group travel delights out there, whether you regularly organise for a club, society, company - or the odd trip for friends:

  • Great group discounts
  • Exclusive after-hours tours
  • Priority theatre seats
  • Free places for the group organiser
  • Dedicated group departments with specialist advisors
  • The opportunity to meet new like-minded people

.... the list goes on.

Group Leisure & Travel magazine

If you organise group trips and/or holidays register for a free subscription to Group Leisure & Travel, out every month full of news, ideas, contacts and advice. Plus, each issue is full of adverts promoting group services, deals and offers.

Read about other group travel organisers

Each issue we interview someone who organises group trips and find out a little more about them and their travel organising.

To see our latest interviews with people just like you, head to the My Group & I page.

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