York’s Sweet Story now open

Date Posted: 07/04/2012

New attraction, Chocolate - York’s Sweet Story is now open. Group visitors will be guided through a delicious journey from the Aztecs and Mayans to the present day confectionary industry which continues to thrive in York by an expert confectioner.

As well as learning the art of chocolate tasting and the intricate processes that cocoa beans go through in order to become chocolate bars; groups can learn about the history of York’s confectionary industry.

Stories will unveil the impact made by Quaker Mary Tuke’s grocery store in 1975 when she started selling cocoa; how the production of sugared almonds in the French Almond Works in York influenced 60s fashion; and how if it wasn’t for two men who sold cough lozenges, and lemon and orange peel in 1767, Terry’s Chocolate Oranges and All Gold wouldn’t exist today. The attraction will also display a variety of interesting exhibits, including the cocoa tin that survived Captain Scott’s fateful expedition to Antarctica, to be found next to his frozen body on 29th March 1912.

For those organising group travel, Chocolate - York’s Sweet Story offers discounted rates for parties of 15 plus, along with priority admission and free familiarisation visits.

For further group travel information telephone: 0845-498 9411 or visit www.yorkssweetstory.com

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