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Wine tours in Brazil, South America

Date Posted: 08/12/2014

Tour operator Bespoke Brazil, in partnership with Go Brazil Wines, is offering groups the opportunity to join a range of wine tours to the South American country.

The wine tours incorporate the leading vineyards of the Serra Gaúcha and Santa Catarina regions of southern Brazil.

The wine tours are fully escorted by an English speaking guide as well as a sommelier.

Visitors in group trips will meet the producers of the wines as they visit the vineyards - which vary in size and sophistication - and have lunch and dinner each day paired with wines from the vineyards visited.

To complement the vineyards, visitors will be taken to some of the must-see sights of Brazil such as Rio de Janeiro and the Iguaçu Falls, as well as the stunning but rarely visited canyons of Santa Catarina.

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