Wildlife-inspired tours both in the UK and abroad

Date Posted: 03/09/2012

Naturetrek's latest tours include a spring bird watching trip to Sicily, a Killer Whales and Northern Lights tour of Iceland, puma-watching in Chile, a visit to India’s little-known Satpura National Park and an exploration of Baffin Island in Canada.

The wildlife specialist has detailed 14 new tours, including four new UK options, amongst its 2013 group holidays.

Existing trips include:

•    Butterfly-viewing trips to Hungary and Greece
•    Birding tours from Sri Lanka to Florida
•    Jaguar-watching tours in Brazil
•    Whale-watching in West Greenland and Monterey Bay
•    Tours observing bears in Spain and Finland.

Not all tours have a specific focus: some concentrate generally on the destination-in-question’s flora and fauna, or specifically on a particular season - the new Lesbos in Autumn tour for example - while others appreciate the overall wildlife of a particular area.

About the tours

Most tours are open to enthusiasts of all levels, although some will suit more experienced and knowledgeable groups.

The majority of Naturetrek trips operate in small parties (average ten to 12 people; maximum 16); and offer a room-sharing option for those who don’t wish to pay a single supplement.

Each group is guided by an experienced ornithologist or botanist (often both), and each tour departs at a carefully-chosen time when the widlife-viewing experience will be at its most rewarding.

For further group travel information contact www.naturetrek.co.uk.

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