Welcome in spring with cyder and salad cocktails

Date Posted: 06/03/2015

Barts bar in London has launched a new selection of ‘cyder and salad’ cocktails that have been created with Aspall Cyder. 

Inspired by the countryside, three new cocktails have been added to the speakeasy style bar’s menu to welcome in the spring.

The ‘Classic Countryside Crunch’ is a medley of Aspall Premier Cru Suffolk Cyder, Tanqueray No. Ten gin, celery, apple, fennel and sugar, served alongside a salad of sliced apple, fennel, celery and dried berries, splashed with Aspall Premier Cru.

‘Blackberry Beets’, a mixture of Aspall Perronelle's Blush Suffolk, Belvedere vodka infused with beetroot, fresh lemons and pineapple juice, is served alongside an exotic fruit salad of pineapple and beetroot flambéed in blackberry cyder.

Finally, ‘A Cy-der Cucumber’ is a mix of Aspall Cuvée Chevallier double fermented cyder, Belvedere vodka, elderflower cordial, and sliced cucumber and strawberries, accompanied by a small salad of lettuce, cucumber and strawberry, seasoned with Aspall Cuvée Chevallier and a dash of salt.

For more information visit www.barts-london.com.

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