Waterloo, Western Front and Ruskin tours

Date Posted: 16/02/2015

Cultural tour specialist Kirker unveils details of battle, war and art themed trips.

Kirker, who specialise in trips for small groups of between 12 and 20 people, has released the newest itineraries in its line-up.

This new offering includes two new historical tours across Belgium entitled The Battle of Waterloo and the Western Front.

The former, to make the most of the 200th anniversary of Wellington’s famous victory, will be led by an expert military historian, and visit a selection of historically important sites, such as Hougoumont and Wellington’s ridge.

The latter, meanwhile, presents an ideal introduction into the complexities of the Great War and will be based for two nights each in Ypres, Arras and Amiens, with explorations to nearby sites of historical importance.

In a tour with distinct art connotations, meanwhile, Ruskin's Venice with Dr Nicholas Shrimpton will explore Italy from a number of different perspectives, including Byzantine, Gothic and the Supernatural.

With tailor-made itineraries, Kirker’s cultural tours and musical holidays are specifically designed for those with an interest in art, architecture, history, archaeology, gardens and music.

All tours are led by guest lecturers who specialise in their chosen fields of study, allowing groups an immersive in-depth experience into their favourite cultural focus point.

For more information on tours, itineraries and schedules visit www.kirkerholidays.com.

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