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Water wars in the Science Museum

Date Posted: 14/11/2011

Groups visiting London’s Science Museum can currently view special, temporary exhibition, Water Wars: fight the food crisis. Now on display until the 20th June, the exhibition questions whether we should fight for fresh water now or wait for a global food crisis.

It takes a huge amount of fresh water to grow food, and supplies are dwindling because of poor water management, increasing demand and the changing climate. Visiting groups can explore five innovations designed to help tackle shortages, including Sea Breezers, Cloud Catchers, Plant Pods, Sun Worshippers and Bug Batteries. There is also the opportunity to play the interactive game Drench, which brings the innovations together in a fast-paced challenge to feed the population of 2050.

Group travel organisers planning a trip to The Science Museum can take advantage of discounted rates plus a variety of special interest tours and curator tours. 

For further information telephone: 0870-870 4868 or visit

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