War refugee exhibition at Nottingham Castle

Date Posted: 23/08/2012

The story of millions of people left stranded in Europe following the end of World War Two is being told through a new exhibition at Nottingham Castle.

Open now, When the War was Over: European Refugees After 1945, documents the experiences of those labelled Displaced Persons (DPs), including former Nazi slave labourers, liberated prisoners-of-war, concentration camp survivors and eastern Europeans fleeing westwards to escape the Soviet Red Army.

By mid-May 1945, ten million people had been repatriated to their homeland, leaving around 1.5 million in Displaced Persons’ camps under the administration of the United Nations and charities including Quakers.

Conditions were poor and a lack of housing in war-ravaged Germany meant that these camps often took the form of wooden huts, disused factories or even former forced labour barracks or concentration camps.

The exhibition aims to give a voice to those refugees through personal testimonies and original source material, including photographs and film clips collected from archives and libraries in the UK, USA, Russia, the Ukraine and elsewhere.

Incentives for groups

Groups receive one free ticket for every ten purchased.

For further group travel information contact:

0115-915 3700

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