Viking exhibition invades Cornwall maritime museum

Date Posted: 11/12/2014

A major new exhibition called Viking Voyagers will open at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall on 20th March.

The Viking exhibition will feature artefacts that are both nationally and internationally significant, and explore the facts that lie behind the myths that portray the them as blood thirsty raiders.

Visitors to the museum will be able to discover a less fearsome side of the Vikings – the people who were craftsmen, boat builders and even early entrepreneurs.

Interactive displays will help to showcase a culture that enjoyed ostentation and hierarchy as well as ritual, religion and family life.

Some of the historical finds on show are thousands of years old and include weaponry, jewellery, household implements, coins and slave chains.

Richard Doughty, director of the museum said “It is enormously exciting for National Maritime Museum Cornwall to be bringing the Vikings to Falmouth and hosting historically significant artefacts, in what is undoubtedly our most important exhibition to date.”

The historical exhibition will run for two years from March. For more information on group trips visit

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