Victoria Revealed at Kensington Palace

Date Posted: 19/02/2012

Following a 12-week closure and £12 million major re-presentation, London’s Kensington Palace will re-open on the 26th March with a new permanent exhibition. Victoria Revealed will explore the life and reign of one of the palace’s most famous residents - Queen Victoria - in her own words.

Inspired by extracts from her journals, and featuring displays of personal objects and artworks in the rooms where she once lived, the display will present visiting groups with an intimate account of Victoria’s life. Important paintings, sculpture, jewellery, and clothing will be combined with audiovisual displays and interactives to evoke key moments and themes.

The exhibition will also explore Queen Victoria’s engagement and wedding to Prince Albert, their early family life, her official role, the Great Exhibition, mourning Prince Albert’s death, and the 1897 Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Victoria Revealed is part of a project which involves a new presentation of the State Apartments, new public gardens, cafe, shop, and Clore Learning Centre.

Organisers arranging a group trip to Kensington Palace can take advantage of discounted admission rates for parties of 15 plus. Guides and tours are available for those arranging group travel.

For further group travel information telephone: 020-3166 6626 or visit

Photo credit: Nick Wilkinson/Newsteam

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