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Transforming Stonehenge

Date Posted: 26/06/2012

Image caption: Computer-generated image of the proposed Stonehenge Visitor Centre.

English Heritage is leading a project to transform Stonehenge.

New features at the World Heritage Site in Wiltshire will include a visitor centre housing exhibition galleries, reconstructed Neolithic houses and a cafe.

If you’re arranging a group trip to Stonehenge from late autumn 2013, improvements are set to include a welcome host, dedicated parking for 30 coaches, and a pre-printed ticket collection system.

The “mystery and magnificence” of Stonehenge

Central to the project is the removal of modern clutter next to the monument.

This includes the closure of the A344 which runs right past the site. With the new visitor centre situated two-kilometres away, groups will be able to fully appreciate the atmosphere of the prehistoric landscape.

Peter Carson, head of Stonehenge, commented: “Stonehenge attracts one million-plus visitors every year and around 50 per cent of these arrive by coach...visitors arriving today have limited opportunities to appreciate the mystery and magnificence of the monument. Once the new facilities open, there will be a much improved welcome to process groups through smoothly.”

Allow two hours for a group trip

With a recommended visiting period of at least two hours, groups will be transferred to the site via a ten-minute shuttle service.

With one stop on route, you can choose to walk all or part of the way to the stones if you prefer.

Discounted rates for group trips

Groups of 11 or more are entitled to a ten per cent discount, with a free place for the group travel organiser.

Group visits to the site between now and autumn 2013 will remain unaffected.

For further group travel information contact:

Image credit: English Heritage

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