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The new London Dungeon set to open in March

Date Posted: 09/11/2012

Merlin Entertainments has announced that the opening date for the new London Dungeon is 1st March next year.

The original Tooley Street attraction will have its final show on 31st January, and the Dungeon will re-open in the underground vaults of County Hall, situated on the South Bank next to the London Eye.

Scary shows and two new thrill rides

Group travel organisers will be able to take their parties to experience a mix of live actors, scary shows and two new thrill rides.

The cavernous space in the vaults will be developed into a stage. Actors will showcase some of the momentous happenings of London’s past, as the new attraction recreates 1,000 years of authentic city history.

A great day out for thrill seekers

General manager Ben Sweet said: “The Dungeons experience is fantastic and unique – it combines theatrical storytelling, comedy, special effects, exciting rides, jumps and a few surprises.

In 2013, the new London Dungeon will enthral, scare and delight guests seeking a sensational, gripping and fun time.”

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