Tax changes mean cheaper long haul flights

Date Posted: 09/04/2015

The two most expensive bands of the Air Passenger Duty (APD) have been dropped, meaning cheaper air travel for groups going beyond 4,000 miles.

Band 'C' affected those travelling over 4,000 miles and resulted in passengers paying £85 last year for an economy class ticket. They will now pay £14 less.

Band ‘D’ journeys of over 6,000 miles will now cost £26 less. You would have paid out £97 last year in an economy cabin for APD.

A spokesperson for ABTA said: “Travellers taking long haul flights will benefit from the abolition of Air Passenger Duty Bands C and D. This will make destinations such as Australia, India and Brazil more accessible to Britons, while travellers to the Caribbean will no longer face competitive disadvantage compared with destinations such as Hawaii. 

“Whilst this is undoubtedly good news for holidaymakers, British travellers still face the highest air taxes on air travel anywhere in Europe and ABTA, along with other members of the Fair Tax on Flying campaign, is as committed as ever to making the case against this damaging tax.”

The changes came into effect on 1st April but people flying between 2,000 and 4,000 miles will pay more in duty with Band ‘B’ rising from £69 to £71.

From 1st May further changes will mean children under 12 will no longer have to pay APD and under 16s will be exempt from March 2016.

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