Take an African safari experience - in the UK

Date Posted: 26/09/2012

Opening in spring next year, Chessington World of Adventures Resort will launch its latest experience, Zufari: Ride into Africa.

Group travel organisers will be able to enjoy an African safari-style adventure at the attraction, without ever leaving the UK.

About the experience

To begin with, groups will enter the Base Camp station - deep in the heart of the African outback - for a pre-show cinema film.

Next, you jump aboard an off-road truck to begin your safari journey, splashing and careering through the extreme terrain of the African outback.

Zufari: Ride into Africa promises to take you up close and personal to giraffe, white rhino, zebra, flamingos and other animals.

Chessington World of Adventures Resort also offers over 40 rides and attractions in nine themed lands, over 1,000 animals, a SEA LIFE centre and a safari-themed hotel.

For further group travel information visit www.chessington.com.

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