Stoke Rochford Hall to host Iron Lady Tours

Date Posted: 05/10/2015

Grantham hotel, Stoke Rochford Hall, has announced a new Iron Lady Tour that will introduce visitors to the place where Margaret Thatcher grew up before becoming Britain’s first female prime minister.

The new tours, which will explore various locations in Grantham, include a two night stay, dinner and breakfast at the hotel and are available for groups.

An exploration of the area will begin with the site of Thatcher’s home, her school, and a visit to the Grantham Museum where there is an exhibition about her life and achievements.

Visitors will also be invited to learn about other Grantham historic sites including the statue of Isaac Newton.

Back at the hotel, groups will be given an insight into the history of Stoke Rochford Hall that explains the background to the building, which began as the site of a Roman Villa and was later used as headquarters in World War Two.

To book, call 01476-530337, or visit

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