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Sporting experiences in Japan

Date Posted: 29/08/2012

From annual sumo tournaments, to baseball games and Formula 1, InsideJapan Tours is now offering a host of sport experiences for groups travelling to Japan.

Promising a cultural look at sport in Japan, tailor-made packages which include tickets to a variety of the country’s top sporting events are now available.

Grand sumo tournaments

See sumo wrestling in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka, with grand tournaments taking place over a two-week period six times a year, in January, March, May, July, September and November.

There’s even the chance to try out some sumo wrestling training at a stable in Tokyo, with the eight-night Sumo Experience package.

Baseball - Japan’s number one sport

Baseball or yakyu is the game of choice in Japan, with the Central and Pacific Leagues providing entertainment from March to October each year.

InsideJapan Tour’s nine-night package includes tickets to see the Hashin Tigers, who represent the finest of the Kansai region where the ancient capital of Kyoto is located.

Formula 1

The Suzuka International Race Circuit is located 30 miles from Nagoya. The self-contained circuit area also features a theme park, hot springs, golf courses, tennis courts and restaurants.

Formula 1 tickets can be incorporated into any group holiday itinerary, which can also include culture-based trips to Kyoto and Hakone, before taking the bullet train to Nagoya.

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