Special ship appearance at Great Yarmouth Maritime Festival

Date Posted: 12/06/2015

The Götheburg, the world’s largest wooden sailing ship, will visit the 16th Great Yarmouth Maritime Festival on Saturday 5th September and Sunday 6th September.

On the weekend of 5th and 6th September, group trips will be able to see the world’s largest wooden sailing ship, The Götheburg at the Great Yarmouth Maritime Festival.

Visitors can explore the sailing ship, which measures 58.5m long by 11 metres wide and stands five decks tall, with a vertical clearance of 47 metres. A walk around the ship will introduce you to the gun deck, where there are ten canons, and the weather deck where the steering wheel is located.

The ship is a replica of the original Götheborg, which was built in 1738, in Stockholm and was used for three voyages between Sweden and China before it sank in September 1745. A decision was taken in 1984 to reconstruct the ship to 100 per cent scale using traditional 18th century ship building skills, methods and materials, whilst complying with the latest technological advances for navigation, cooking, heating and hygiene.

The new Götheburg set sail in October 2005 and now groups can visit the ship for the first time at a UK maritime festival.

For more information about Great Yarmouth Maritime Festival see www.maritime-festival.co.uk and for The Götheburg www.soic.se/en.

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