Shakespeare-themed exhibit opens at British Museum

Date Posted: 22/07/2012

Pictured: Gold aureus commemorating the assassination of Julius Caesar - the subject of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar (Photo credit: The Trustees of the British Museum).

The British Museum in London has just launched a major new exhibition based on the world and works of William Shakespeare.

Running until the 25th November, Shakespeare: staging the world is part of the World Shakespeare Festival, and provides a new insight into the emerging role of London as a city 400 years ago, interpreted through the perspective of Shakespeare’s plays.

One of the key innovations of the period was the birth of the modern professional theatre, and the exhibition features over 190 objects presented in collaboration with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Shakespeare: staging the world creates a dialogue between a vast array of objects – from great paintings and rare manuscripts to modest, everyday items of the time – and plays and characters that have had a richer cultural legacy than any other in the western world.

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