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Scarfe’s satirical drawings on show at the Bowes

Date Posted: 13/12/2014

Gerald Scarfe’s satirical depictions of Margaret Thatcher will be the subject of an art exhibition at The Bowes Museum next spring.

Milk Snatcher, The Thatcher Drawings will run at the County Durham venue from 14th March to 31st May.

The illustrations chart the Iron Lady’s time as a member of the shadow cabinet, her leadership of the Conservative Party, her tenure as prime minister, and, ultimately, her political decline.

The cartoons are vivid reminders of the miners’ strike, the Falklands War and the close relations Maggie struck up with the USA. In colourful pen and ink, Thatcher is varyingly depicted as cunning, razor sharp and perversely sexual.

They depict Thatcher in multiple guises as a shark, a chicken and an axe.

Gerald Scarfe has explained, "I didn't agree with her values, but she was amazing material. I could turn her into anything acerbic or cutting, like a dagger or a knife, probing and vicious."

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