Roman treasures revealed at Corbridge Roman Town

Date Posted: 28/08/2012

English Heritage has revealed a historic new display at Corbridge Roman Town by Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland, showcasing one of the most significant finds in Roman history.

The Corbridge Hoard is one of the most influential Roman 'time capsules' ever discovered in the region and this interactive digital exhibit, now on show, will feature excavation footage along with presentation of the armour.

The well-preserved 2,000-year-old objects include armour, tools, weaponry, wax writing tablets and papyrus.

As one of the best preserved examples of Roman armour in history, the hoard's influence has shaped the way that Roman soldiers are portrayed on stage and screen.

Incentives for groups

Groups of 11 or more receive a 15 per cent discount off the entry price, plus free entry for both the tour leader and coach driver.

For further group travel information contact:

020-7973 3529

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