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Pinero's Trelawny of the Wells at the Donmar

Date Posted: 30/11/2012

Arthur Wing Pinero’s Trelawny of the Wells opens at the Donmar Warehouse on 15th February, running until 13th April.

Billed as Pinero’s love letter to the theatre, the production promises a celebration of the enchantment, vivaciousness and melodrama of the Victorian Stage.


Amy Morgan stars as Rose Trelawny, the brightest star of the Wells theatre company, prepared to give up all she has for the love of her stage-door suitor, aristocratic Arthur, played by Joshua Silver.

His family are less convinced of her charms and her challenge to their snobbish existence shocks them to the core.

Pinero’s principal works

Arthur Wing Pinero was an English actor and later playwright and stage director.

His principal works include The Second Mrs Tanqueray, The Notorious Mrs Ebbsmith, The Schoolmistresses, The Magistrate, and Dandy Dick.

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