Penguin Beach

Date Posted: 11/02/2011

ZSL London Zoo has unveiled its new flagship exhibit for 2011, as it prepares for the opening of what is promoted as England’s largest ever penguin pool.

Penguin Beach, scheduled to open on the 27th May, will be home to almost 150 Macaroni and Humboldt penguins. Featuring a pool four times bigger and three times deeper than the current enclosure, groups will have the chance to see the birds diving for their food from the underwater viewing areas, with a seated area for the Zoo’s popular penguin feeds.

A penguin experience area will enable visitors to get closer to the penguins than ever before. The exhibit will also feature an interactive game and replica field station, where groups can view the fascinating climate change research carried out by ZSL’s resident penguinologist in Antarctica.

Discounted rates are available for groups of ten or more people planning a trip to London Zoo.

For further information or to book, telephone: 020-7449 6235 or log onto  

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