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Old Times at the Harold Pinter Theatre

Date Posted: 23/12/2012

Old Times is Nobel Prize-winning Harold Pinter’s first play to perform at the recently named Harold Pinter Theatre in London.

Booking for a limited period between 12th January and 6th April, Old Times stars Kristin Scott Thomas, Rufus Sewell and Lia Williams, and is directed by Ian Rickson.

Synopsis of Old Times

The play is set in the home of filmmaker Deeley and his wife Kate. Their world is invaded by a third party, Anna, who used to share a room with Kate when they were young secretaries in bohemian London, and who has now come to visit.

Locked away in a secluded farmhouse, Deeley, Kate and Anna reminisce about their youth together, but conflicting memories reactivate an old rivalry which was thought to have stayed in the past. 

Kristin Scott Thomas and Lia Williams will alternate the roles of Kate and Anna, with Rufus Sewell playing Deeley.

Theatre group bookings

Group travel organisers will find a 25 per cent discount on tickets for Monday to Thursday performances between 14th January and 13th February.

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