New star gazing courses at Battlestead’s Observatory

Date Posted: 21/05/2015

A new range of star gazing courses have been added to the itinerary at Battlestead’s Observatory.

Battlesteads Hotel and Restaurant in Wark, Northumberland has introduced a new array of star gazing courses at its onsite observatory; ‘Astronomy for Absolute Beginners’, ‘Astrophotography’ and ‘Family Stargazing.’

Under the mentorship of astronomer Roy Alexander, groups will learn how to scan the skies for shooting stars, planets and major constellations, learn how to use a telescope and locate the Aurora Borealis also known as the Northern Lights.

The observatory is equipped with state of the art equipment including a Celestron C11 OTA telescope.

The courses are open to residents and visitors to Battlestead Hotel and take place every weekend.

The Observatory has a capacity of 25 and offers ten per cent discount for groups of 15 or more.

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Photo credit: Cain Scrimgeour

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