New exhibition unveiled at the National Museum of Cardiff

Date Posted: 29/01/2015

In a culmination of the museum’s Natural Images project, a new collection of historic photos will go on display.

The exhibition Historic Photography Uncovered will celebrate the end result of a three-year-long project designed to document and digitise a selection of historic photographs from Wales’ national collections.

With a range of photos exploring varying disciplines, from geology and botany to industrial history and art, the exhibition will feature key examples taken from 10,000 images procured through the museum’s Natural Images project.

The project, made possible through a £600,000 grant from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation in 2011, aimed to digitise prime examples from the museum’s collection into a digital format easily accessible to members of the public.

The photo samples on display will explore how photography has contributed to Wales’ visual history.

Other exhibition highlights will include a projection of many of the collection's examples onto the museum’s walls, in addition to an exploration of some of the medium’s early pioneers, including Henry Fox Talbot, who is believed by many to be the ‘inventor’ of the negative-positive form of photography.

The exhibition will be on display in the National Museum Cardiff until 19th April.

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